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Our Strategy expertise

  • Create a dynamic business portfolio to deliver value through asset productivity
  • Develop and implement strategies to deliver profitable growth through leveraging the company's core competencies
  • Transform the Business Planning exercise into a powerful business development and evaluation process
  • Enhance profits through innovative customer-focused strategies
  • Develop innovative channel strategies
  • Develop and implement customer driven key account management strategies.


Strategic Reflex (*)

In the new uncertain climate, strategy can no longer be limited to creating the right content, implementing efficient processes for planning and execution, and devising the relevant tools and metrics. These tasks are still necessary, but more than ever, companies need to inculcate all levels of their organization with a Strategic Reflex.

In fact, experience has shown that even the best strategies fail dismally when they are not shared and understood. And the deeper this understanding penetrates within an organization, the more robust will be the corporation's chances of success in the face of volatility and uncertainty.

There will still be the need for applying the tools and techniques developed for strategic analysis, but the added value companies should seek from their strategy advisors should be less on what the next big concept will be, and more on how to endow as large a part of their organization as possible with the necessary Strategic Reflex

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(*) Srategic Reflex is defined as the capacity of an organization as a whole to understand the company's strategic environment and the orientation it is taking. It implies that the company culture, organization and processes : (1) enable the employees to understand the company's strategy and objectives ; (2) promote exchange between the employees on the topic ; and (3) encourage them to seek an improved understanding of their company's enviroment and its implications on their competencies and work.


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